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Category: Nature
Opened: 25th February 2023
Updated: 24th January 2024
Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift
Category: Songs: Female Solo
 Fever Dream
Opened: 9th December 2023
Updated: 19th February 2024
folklore by Taylor Swift
Category: Albums
Opened: 1st October 2022
Updated: 25th January 2024
How to Train Your Dragon
Category: Animation
 Trust & Respect
Opened: 4th October 2022
Updated: 28th February 2024
Karma by Taylor Swift
Category: Songs: Female Solo
 I'm Still Here
Opened: 19th February 2024
Updated: 23rd February 2024
MARINA (Marina Diamandis)
Category: Musicians: Female
Opened: 4th October 2022
Updated: 21st January 2024
Miley Cyrus
Category: Actresses, Musicians: Female
 One of a Kind
Opened: 21st January 2024
Updated: 13th February 2024
Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz by Miley Cyrus
Category: Albums
 Let's Experiment
Opened: 15th January 2023
Updated: 21st January 2024

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