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 Alexis Bledel:  Angelina Jolie:  Ashley Olsen:  Aubrey Plaza:  Christina Ricci:  Dakota Fanning:  Drew Barrymore:  Elle Fanning:  Emma Roberts:  Emma Stone:  Emma Watson:  Helena Bonham Carter:  Hilary Duff:  Jamie Lee Curtis:  Jennifer Aniston:  Jennifer Lawrence:  Kirsten Dunst:  Kristen Bell:  Kristin Chenoweth:  Lady GaGa:  Lindsay Lohan:  Lisa Kudrow:  Mary-Kate Olsen:  Michelle Trachtenberg:  Miley Cyrus:  Rachel McAdams:  Selena Gomez:  Tina Fey:


 Anal Sex:  Cunnilingus:  Doggystyle:  Masturbation:  Naked Men:  Penises:  Penises: Uncircumsized:  Sex:  Vaginas:


 Linkin Park: Meteora:  Miley Cyrus: Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz:  My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade:  t.A.T.u.: 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane:  Taylor Swift: 1989:  Taylor Swift: evermore:  Taylor Swift: folklore:  Taylor Swift: Lover:  Taylor Swift: Midnights:  Taylor Swift: Red:  Taylor Swift: Reputation:  The Tortured Poets Department by Taylor Swift:


 Adopted and Rescued Animals:  Baby Animals:  Cats & Kittens:  Cats: Black:  Cats: Siamese:  Frogs:


 101 Dalmations: Cruella de Vil:  Aristocats:  How to Train Your Dragon:  How to Train Your Dragon: Hiccup & Toothless:  How to Train Your Dragon: Light Fury:  How to Train Your Dragon: Toothless:  Powerpuff Girls: Blossom:  The Land Before Time:

Anime: Series

 Ouran High School Host Club:


 Ashley Olsen:  Mary-Kate Olsen:  Tina Fey:

Calendar Events


Characters: Book/Movie

 Edward Scissorhands: Edward Scissorhands:  Harry Potter: Draco Malfoy:

Characters: TV

 Parks and Recreation: Leslie Knope:  The Addams Family/Wednesday: Morticia Addams:  The Addams Family/Wednesday: Wednesday Addams:  The Office: Michael Scott:

Computer Miscellany and Internet

 CSS:  Fanlistings:  Google Chrome:  Web Design:


 Ashley Olsen:  Drew Barrymore:  Mary-Kate Olsen:


 Ashley Olsen:  Lipstick:  Mary-Kate Olsen:


 Bagels:  Coffee:  Ice Cream:  M&Ms:  Pancakes:  Peppermint Candies:  Pineapple:  Pumpkin Pie:  Watermelon:


 Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector:  Yatzy:

Hobbies and Recreation

 Bullet Journaling:  Crochet:  Daydreaming:  Drawing/Painting:  Gardening:  Graphic Design:  Listening to Music:  Online Shopping:  Photography:  Reading:  Watching TV:


 Fairy Tales:  Harry Potter Series:


 13:  Christine:  Colors:  Happiness:  Innocence:  Neon Colors:  Nostalgia:  Pink:  Purple:


 Drew Barrymore:


 Air Bud Series:  Harry Potter Series:  Hocus Pocus:  Mean Girls:  Pan's Labyrinth:  Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street:

Music Miscellany

 Christmas Songs:  Musicals:  Pop Music:

Musicians: Bands/Groups

 Aly & AJ:  Gorillaz:  Paramore:  S Club 7:  Siouxsie and the Banshees:  t.A.T.u.:  Vampire Weekend:

Musicians: Female

 Anna Kendrick:  Ashnikko (Ashton Nicole Casey):  Avril Lavigne:  Beyonce:  Billie Eilish:  Britney Spears:  Christina Aguilera:  Cyndi Lauper:  Doja Cat:  Fergie:  Hilary Duff:  Iggy Azalea:  Joan Jett:  Kelly Clarkson:  Kristin Chenoweth:  Lady GaGa:  Lights:  Lindsay Lohan:  Lorde:  MARINA (Marina Diamandis):  Melanie Martinez:  Miley Cyrus:  Selena Gomez:  Taylor Swift:

Musicians: Male



 Angels:  Astrology: Virgo:  Christmas:  Fairy Tales:  Mermaids:  Mythology:  Vampires:


 Begonias:  Bleeding Hearts:  Flowers:  Hydrangea:  Lavender:  Snow:  Snowflakes:


 Christmas Decorations and Displays:  Christmas Lights:  Christmas Trees:  Crayons:  Glitter:

People Miscellany

 Bisexuality:  Cat & Owner Relationship:  Loners:  Long Hair:

Songs: Bands/Groups 0-M

 My Chemical Romance: Helena:  My Chemical Romance: House of Wolves:

Songs: Female Solo

 Adele: Hello:  Avril Lavigne: Losing Grip:  Avril Lavigne: Nobody's Home:  Hilary Duff: Come Clean:  Hilary Duff: Wake Up:  I Bet You Think About Me by Taylor Swift:  Karma by Taylor Swift:  Lady GaGa: Alejandro:  Lady GaGa: Bad Romance:  Lady GaGa: Paparazzi:  Lana Del Rey: Summertime Sadness:  Taylor Swift: All Too Well:  Taylor Swift: All You Had To Do Was Stay:  Taylor Swift: Anti-Hero:  Taylor Swift: Blank Space:  Taylor Swift: Cruel Summer:  Taylor Swift: Love Story:  Taylor Swift: Out Of The Woods:  Taylor Swift: Red:  Taylor Swift: Style:  Taylor Swift: This Love:  Taylor Swift: You're Not Sorry:


 Beanie Babies:  LEGO:

TV Shows

 American Horror Story:  Bones:  Boy Meets World:  Breaking Bad:  Derry Girls:  Grimm:  Hannah Montana:  Pretty Little Liars:  Sabrina, The Teenage Witch:  Shameless (US):  Teen Wolf:  The Office (US):  The Umbrella Academy:  Wednesday:  What We Do In The Shadows:

TV/Movie/Book Miscellany

 POTC: The Black Pearl:

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